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The Original Sling Shot was invented by Mark Bell as a way to train the bench press while hurt. He is a top level powerlifter and benches over 500 lbs. raw, so he often dealt with nagging pain in the shoulders and elbows.

He came up with the Sling Shot as a way to bench heavy without pain.

All our Sling Shots are easy to use, just slide them up over your biceps and start benching. They work by stretching with you as you lower the weight to your chest, then when you are at the bottom of the lift, the Sling Shot gives you a little extra spring that allows you to get the weight moving again and complete the lift. All the models can also be used for assistance with pushups and dips and allow you to do more reps!


Other models of Sling Shots were introduced as a way to cater to all lifters and benching needs. Each model is classified in different levels of ASSISTANCE

  • Our Level 1 Sling Shot is the REACTIVE model and it is our most passive Sling Shot giving you enough assistance to overload, but not too much. It is best for our lifters that are benching lighter weights (under 300 lbs.).
  • The Level 2 Sling Shot is the ORIGINAL model and it is made from  stronger, stiffer material. It is best used for overload and for lifters looking to break through bigger weight goals.
  • The Level 3 Sling Shot is our FULL “BOAR” model and is very similar to the ORIGINAL, but it has angled sleeves making it fit more snug on the upper arms and lay flatter across the chest. It also engages the weight a little sooner that the ORIGINAL, therefore giving the lifter a little more assistance that the level 2.
  • The Level 4 Sling Shot is the MADDOG and it is a double-ply version of the Original. The MADDOG is very stiff and very hard to use unless you have substantial weight on the bar (400+). It is NOT recommended for anyone that cannot lift close to 500 lbs. on their own.




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